All You Need To Know About Apple Lightning Connector

All You Need To Know About Apple Lightning Connector

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Apple’s lightning connector is a remarkable device that helps in establishing an easy connection with Apple mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods, IPad mini and iPod nano to host different types of computers, monitors, USB battery chargers, cameras, and other peripherals.

If you are thinking of purchasing one, then do read about its features and customer reviews.

About the new Apple Lightning connector

Lightning connector by Apple efficiently replaces the traditional 30-pin connector that is found on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. This connector is used to charge the device as well as synchronize data, audio and video output in a superb manner. All new Apple devices now come with a durable and high speed USB 2.0 to lightning cable.

In what ways does it differ from the 30-pin connector?

Apple’s Lightning connector is 80 percent small in size and stronger as compared to other cables. It is reversible so when you connect, it does not matter which side is facing the bottom and which one is on the top.

This remarkable connector by Apple is an eight-signal digitally designed device that adapts to the type and strength of the signals that are required for the connection to the accessory.

The most alluring part of this connector is that it charges all the different Apple devices at maximum speed. This sturdy connector cable has the power to easily withstand any bending of the device up to 5,000 times. Due to this reason, it saves cables from getting broken easily.

Features of Apple Lightning connector

There are a few other reasons that make Apple Lightning connector the perfect choice of accessory to buy.

Small in size and light in weight

As opposed to the Dock connector that has thirty pins, the Apple Lighting connector has only eight signal pins. This makes it smaller to complement the sleek look of Apple’s super-slim devices like the iPhone 5. When compared to a micro-USB connector, it is slightly big in size.

Inbuilt processor

Apple lightning cable and connector has got an inbuilt high performance processor that is designed to check the direction your device is plugged in accurately. Based on the observation, this powerful processor again routes the electrical signals to ensure correct operation. Lightning cable works best on both dock and USB.

Tangle free nature

These connector cables have got flat construction style. This makes them less prone to tangles. A flat cable does not easily get frayed. This is one of the best ways to avoid any mess and clutter in the cable. Both the ends of this cable are strong and sturdy. Bending them on a regular basis for more than a year does not leave any marks.

Apple’s lightning connector is built on advanced technology to offer high speed charging. One can use it easily with a car adapter or wall. Its make and irreversible design serves one for a long time. Its compatibility with the recent versions of Apple devices, light weight and easy sharing of data, makes it one of the best accessories to have.

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