Improve Technology ROI: Focus on People

Improve Technology ROI: Focus on People

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Buzzwords are wonderful. They provide us a reason to nod our heads, behave like we’re having to pay attention, after which completely ignore issues without providing them with another thought. As lengthy once we use buzzwords we appear (if perhaps to ourselves) to understand what’s happening and we’re on the top from the challenge at hands. Possibly the finest a part of employed in technologies are that we’re never baffled for buzzwords, or conferences to rely on them.

Three from the finest buzzwords within the tech arena are “People, Process, and Technology”. Toss in a couple of other favorites, for example “alignment,” “change,” “culture,” and… well, you get the drift. While these test is more ubiquitous inside a technology discussion than fish have been in the ocean, they’re frequently overlooked, misinterpreted, and usually overlooked. This really is harmful.

So what exactly is missing? Look carefully. Have you notice most our activities, many our team’s skills, are centered on aligning process and technology? What went down to the first buzzword, “People”? Will we just nod our heads and end up forgetting to think about our people – the way we can move them (that’s, align them) using the process and technology? Exactly what does it mean to align individuals with process and technology?

Aligning People

For many, aligning people means supplying training so employees know ways to use the system. Others say you have to include communications to align their people. Some advanced organizations even extend their efforts to incorporate mapping out changes to job descriptions and responsibilities.

Alignment only takes place when your people, process and technology all perform together inside a symbiotic relationship that gives the preferred results. The folks make use of the technology. The folks stick to the process. They key here would be that the people must really make use of the technology and also the people must really stick to the process. This involves people, All the people, change their behavior to offer the preferred results.

Concentrate on Behavior Switch to Improve Return on investment

“Did he just say our technology project needs to pay attention to altering people’s behavior? I figured i was applying technology, not disciplining children or supplying group therapy. What’s all of this behavior talk anyway?”

Think about the relationship between user behavior and roi (Return on investment). When will we really realize Return on investment from your technology projects? Could it be once the technologies are delivered? Sadly, no. We simply realize our Return on investment once the people really make use of the technology. If your product is delivered, although not used, it doesn’t return any value towards the organization. So, while effectively deploying we’ve got the technology is around the critical path (pardon the gratuitous utilisation of the buzzword) to achieving Return on investment, the critical path is just completed once the product is used effectively by our people.

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