Improving Customer Service Through Social Media

Improving Customer Service Through Social Media

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Individuals are more and more embracing social networking for a multitude of tasks including service and product related feedback. This feedback includes online reviews, service complaints, product defects, suggestions and general queries. Multi-funnel customer support and support, including the more and more important social networking platforms, frequently creates significant challenges for businesses because they must retrieve, review, respond and report across an array of platforms and websites. Included in this are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, in addition to a number of other platforms and sites which should be monitored and addressed. Let us review a few of the critical factors of the effective social feedback and support initiative.

Retrieve, Listen & Learn

Many service teams understand social networking tools that automate company or brand searches. These power tools vary from easy to sophisticated, helping companies search webpages and social networking pages for keywords and keywords and key phrases. Hearing what clients are saying is simply the beginning when the automated tools identify posts and comments, then your real work begins. Companies must retrieve, review after which react to the resulting posts, comments, suggestions and complaints.

Evaluate & Classify

For the way much volume your brand’s social networking pages generate, you need to evaluate and classify customer activity to higher understand the type of issues being elevated over the social networking platforms. Companies should collect and evaluate on the daily or perhaps real-time basis. As companies retrieve sufficient data for analysis, stratify responses into predetermined groups. For instance:

When are customers most participating in these platforms?

Total comments associated with poor customer experience.

Comment ratio – # positive versus negative.

Quantity of brand related comments deserving an answer.

These are merely a couple of of the numerous comment permutations that need considering. It’s not hard to comprehend the challenges most customer support organizations face with regards to social networking feedback. Feedback ought to be classified based on predetermined business rules produced through the service teams.

Monitor & Manage

Feedback speed of fact is critical in the current exploding social networking atmosphere. Companies should triage their responses, prioritizing serious problems for example outages, defects, intricacies and negative comments with viral implications, in front of other comments for example general comments and recommendations for refinements. Companies can produce a customer support feedback priority list, parse comments into predetermined groups, classify based on predetermined business rules and respond accordingly.

Establish Response Goals

How quickly must you react to social networking comments? Most professionals agree that buyers using social networking have high response expectations when posting comments, questions and complaints online. Hrs instead of days ought to be the mantra with regards to this kind of customer response. Autoresponders offer instant response, however these prefabricated responses frequently do nothing more than alerting customers that the service team has gotten their comment. Supplying an immediate and accurate answer might involve a preliminary response via social networking, having a follow-up utilizing a different service funnel.

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