Social Networking and Brand Communications

Social Networking and Brand Communications

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Brand Communications – test of retention rate

We’re constantly encircled by brands. Everywhere we glance we are able to see brands but what amount of the brand communication is retained by the brain? What’s the recall rate?

Here is a simple test I usually follow

Have you read today’s morning newspaper?
Inform us what section have you read? News / sports / Entertainment / Classified?
Which sections would you usually read?
Remember the a minumum of one brand for you in the current newspaper. Which could it be?
Remember a brandname for you last evening on television? Which could it be?
Name a brandname you saw on some outside media while visiting this Conference. Which could it be?
Remember any celebrity name connected using the brand?

An easy test of brand name retention would inform us that just the large brands who are able to manage to operate a all over multimedia advertising campaign are retained in people’s mind. Additionally diet supplements also plays a large role. Typically, just the large companies have had the ability to hire an advertisement agency or PR agency and run such advertisement and brand building campaigns. The entities within the medium and small (SME) sector, solo entrepreneurs, start-ups however usually have used means like pamphlets and flier distributions, newspaper ads or networking and referral marketing.

With internet and social networking things are altering. Social networking is really a digital form of the great old word-of-mouth marketing. Today, social networking is easily the most simple and easy , economical way of communication.


To merely define, ‘social media’ is an accumulation of simple, simple to learn and adapt, freely available online tools and platforms you can use to achieve to an international audience. The defining factor about social networking may be the ‘ability to determine real-time dialogue in multimedia formats.’ Traditional media like Ad films, Radio, TV, Newspapers, outside hoardings, corporate websites are one of the ways medium. However social networking tools like blogs, social systems, picture and video discussing enables two-way communications that is friendly, open and democratic and just put, ‘social.’

But ‘cost effective’ isn’t the only factor

We ought to not discuss social networking just being economical. That seems like social networking is pertinent just for individuals segments of entrepreneurs who can’t afford mainstream media brand communication. No, it isn’t a situation of “grapes are sour.” It is not only concerning the money, had that been the situation the high most brands in India wouldn’t have became a member of the Social Networking bandwagon.

Even NASA uses social systems ought to be fact it will an excellent job in internet marketing. Surely a business like NASA wouldn’t be here when they did not observe that economical or otherwise social networking offers another type of brand communication that has not been possible using every other type of traditional media.

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